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Personal Insurance Products

Insurance Agency in Potsdam, NY

At Potsdam Insurance Agency, we understand how important it is for you and your family to feel secure and taken care of, regardless of what life throws at you. For this reason, our agency offers a wide range of personal insurance products that will help cater to your unique needs and will effectively protect you against potential losses. For any questions about personal insurance, please feel free to contact us, our representatives are happy to help.

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Our Full Spectrum of Personal Products Include the Following

Motorcycle & ATV

Experience peace of mind with our high-quality insurance services tailored specifically for motorcycles and ATVs.

Home Insurance

Find the homeowner’s insurance plan right for your property that will protect your family, property and possessions.

Auto Insurance

Rather than paying astronomical out-of-pocket fees for auto accidents, find an auto insurance plan with a claim that will help you to stay safe and on the road. We can also help you find the right insurance plan for your recreational vehicle.

Umbrella Insurance

Not all of life’s occurrences fit into a neat category. To help protect your assets in a larger sense, work with us to find an umbrella insurance plan that works for you.

Boat Insurance

Protect your water-bound vessel and your peace of mind with boat insurance. We’ll help you find a policy for your boat, whether it’s a yacht or a dingy!

Renters Insurance

Protect your belongings from theft, fire and other occurrences with renters insurance.

MOTO Insurance

Protect your belongings from theft, fire and other occurrences with renters insurance.

Regardless of your needs, the agents at Potsdam Insurance will work with you to find affordable solutions that will protect you and your family from whatever life brings you.

Generally Homeowner insurance does not cover removal of tress unless it falls on a fence, garage or other structure and causes damage.
Unlike owning a car you can legally own a home without Homeowners insurance, but your lender will probably require some level of coverage. Homeowner insurance provides financial protection for your home and personal belongings from damage or theft, but it is not legally required
You as the homeowner are required to notify your insurance provider to remove the mortgagee.
This is how much is cost to replace an item minus deprecation. Ex. Your refrigerator may have cost $2,000 when you first bought it, but then depreciated by 50% before it was damages. You should be paid $1,000 for it based on actual cash value.
If your policy offers replacement coverage, it means you will receive the cost of the item without considering depreciation. However these policies limit your payout to a maximum dollar amount, which is the limit on the policy.
Car insurance doesn't only protect your car in the event of an accident. It also protects you from financial liability, medical expenses, and also from legal consequences. All but two states require you have auto insurance so that you can pay for the damages you're liable for after a car accident
In most cases, engine failure is not covered by your car insurance. Car insurance policies must provide required coverage which can include liability, for bodily injury, liability for property damage, personal injury protection, and uninsured motorist coverage.
We do not add a young driver until they get their actual license.
While policies that extend coverage's to new cars typically give you anywhere from seven to thirty days to inform you car insurance company that you purchased a new vehicle, it is always a good idea to call your agent before picking up the car.
Go to the DMV first, turn your plates in, and bring the receipt to us.

To learn more about our personal or commercial insurance products, contact us today by calling 315-265-9650.